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Problems Displaying Flash in IE

I hardly use IE except to check to see how my content and coding are displayed on the IE browser. To my surprise–and dismay–I can’t see any flash ad content on our site! I feel like removing all the flash ads as oppose to dealing with the technical issues. I’ve been poking around the ‘Net to read up on this issue and has not been too successful in getting a definitive answer to my inquiry. And I’m not sure if it is linked to the changes due to the ActiveX patent lawsuit by Eolas. I doubt it. IE is just becoming a real nuisance. It just doesn’t render CSS very well. And it’s slow! On a positive note, I’m glad to hear of Windows 7. Heard good reviews about it. Unfortunately, I am running on Xp and it won’t allow me to upgrade the Beta version. I have to install 7, and reinstall all my desktop programs. Forget it!

Anyway, back to browsers. IE browser displays just look like crap! Just a tad better than Chrome. But Opera really kicks ass! Firefox is still by far, ahead of the pack. Always develop for Firefox first, then IE.

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