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Diana Krall – May 13 & 14, 2009

Diana Krall is coming to Vancouver, May 13 & 14! And once again, presale tickets from her official site is already sold out. It really sucks that I repeatedly miss out on every concert I really want to go to. I missed out on U2 in ’04. I missed out on Michael Bublé early ’08, and then missed out on Metallica in December. Oh, did I mention I didn’t even make it to Pemberton? Not that I planned to, but if I did, it probably wouldn’t have happened (as usual). I did make it to Feist, but that was like an outdoor tofu fest. The line-ups to get in was ridiculous; so were the line-ups to the food/beer stands. And since it was outdoors, it was probably a good idea to avoid eating and drinking to avoid the port-a-potty lines as well.

The biggest setback to enjoying any event, here in BC, is our lack of anti-scalping laws. The scalping business here is so lucrative that some even have their own offices with a sales team, administrators, and regional websites! Like seriously! Just as we accept handing over our ID’s to be scanned at the bars, we also accept that scalping is part of any event experience. Sure, it’d be nice to resell your tickets if you can’t make it to the event and make a small profit on it; but these guys do it every day!

Correction: since I started writing this blog, I was able to snatch 2 seats in the orchestra section. Next is Coldplay, and U2 in Oct! Oh yes, would love to check out Amy Winehouse if she ever makes it to Vancouver. Oh, and as for Fleetwood Mac? Don’t even dream of it. That reminds me that it’s going to be a doozie to get my hands on a pair of U2 tix. Do people still camp outside of Ticketmaster?

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