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Chinese Character on Firefox Browser (cont.)

So I found more searches on my Chinese characters issue by including “virus” in my search and stumbled upon this forum: forums.devshed.com/….help-strange-file-virus-looks-like-chinese-asian-characters-436584…. As I suspected, it has something to do with Acer computers (and I suppose what I saw on my Mac was an extension of the problem in the html files created from the Acer PC).

Nonetheless, I’ve probably seen this problem twice on two separate Acer computers. Both occurred before a major system malfunction. Both had Norton antivirus software installed. Most importantly, I do not recall installing many rogue applications. But anyway, you guessed it, my desktop PC croaked on me. Last thing I recall was, I received a message of a fatal BSOD crash while I was away from my PC. It was eventually rebooted, but has not worked since. Now, it just won’t boot. I think a similar sitch occurred with an old work laptop. Chinese characters appeared, system crashed, wiped out everything, lost all my data, Windows failed….

That said, I still find Acer computers to be quite reliable. The only rub is that their hardware don’t appear to last very long. It is also a good thing that I always have my trusty Macbook. =) (Which I recently ran Windows Xp with VMware Fusion trial run. Probably is a good idea not to buy the program. But man did Windows look sweet on a Mac!)

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