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The New Journey

I remember watching the Super Bowl 43 with the bf and friends, and when I heard Journey was performing, I was ecstatic! (As a wee girl, my exposure to Journey was primarily through radio and cassette tapes.) Then, to my surprise, I saw an Asian guy singing and sounding almost like Steve Perry! I was utterly confused and looked to the bf and was like: Is Journey still even performing? Is this a new Journey or some impostor band? He just shrugged.

Recently, a friend I met in Vegas, followed me on Twitter. Eric once told me that he wish he could be outside my window with his synthesizer, singing me Journey songs in the rain. After Eric and I found each other on Twitter, I was again intrigued about this Asian dude in the band. So I googled Journey on the ‘net and to my surprise, he really is their new lead singer. And interestingly, they found him on Youtube! Ellen Degeneres was quick to jump to this occasion and had them on her show. (Gosh, I really should start watching TV again… or even Youtube!)

Arnel Pineda was officially announced as lead singer to the band in December of 2007. A fascinating story indeed. I had been wondering for years why I heard such a variation of the vocals from Journey songs (which includes Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, and now Arnel Pineda). Now I get the whole picture. I must go see them if/when they come to Vancouver.

Steve Perry is always amazing.

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  1. Zoran

    August 15, 2009

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

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