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Diana Krall – Quiet Nights Concert in Vancouver

So, I went to see Diana Krall last Thursday night. What can I say, amazing singer, pianist, and band… but the overall experience was lousy. I had a hunch that it was going to be a bad experience and I was right. A week prior, I saw Diana Krall featured on her husband’s show (Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…) as a guest. She was interviewed by Sir Elton John (Executive Producer). From watching that program, I saw how mellow and cultured the concert was likely going to be. I foresaw the pace and tone of the concert, what I didn’t foresee were the old ladies yelling at me for trying to steal a couple of shots with my (flashless) camera phone during the encore. The average age of the concert goers were in their 60s. The room was stuffy. The crowd was old and smug. I would highly discourage anybody under age 40 from going to a Diana show and expecting a great time.

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