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What is bing?

In retaliation to Google’s advancements, Microsoft is fighting back with bing–a vamped up search engine–er.. “decision engine” of its own. The verdict? It’s okay. A big improvement from the lackluster Windows Live Search, but still incomplete compared to the Google engine–or the less often Yahoo! Search.

Well, at least you get a new screen shot each day with bing; but you would imagine they can make their landing page a little more breath-taking like their desktop backgrounds. And the goofy ‘bing’ icon? Is Microsoft departments going in different directions? No two Microsoft products look the same anymore. I am still dearly hanging on to an older version of MSN because the newest version just looks ridiculous.

Microsoft needs to get their heads together and back on the same page. Keep the brand consistent. And the constant changes and upgrades shout: SCRAMBLING TO KEEP UP!

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