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Happy Data Privacy Day!

National Data Privacy Day is January 28, 2010!

I know, another international day of some cause or awareness to add to our calendar. But mark this day because Data Privacy Day aims to promote awareness and generate discussion about data privacy and protection among teens and young adults on issues raised by the use of social networking sites, online activities and mobile devices. To learn more about this campaign, visit DataPrivacyDay2010.org.

This blog post is connected to my Facebook, which is connected to my Windows Live/Hotmail account; and if I tinyURL this to Twitter, that will show up on my LinkedIn, which also houses my WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and Box.net profiles. That reminds me, does anyone has any idea on how to permanently delete their Facebook account? Facebook only allow temporarily deactivating your account and it will be reactivated once you sign on again. Is there a normal procedure to shut it down permanently (other than removing all your friends and erasing every message and activity) prior to deactivation?

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