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Bruce Allen’s Reality Check on Mayor Gregor Robertson Post Canuck Game 7 Loss Riot 2011

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I wholeheartedly agree with Bruce Allen (like I usually do). I didn’t like Robertson even before he took office. I remember the Christmas holidays of ’08 when he first got elected Mayor. A slightly unexpected snowstorm hit Vancouver and the streets were just covered in heaps of snow. He was no where to be found or to be made reachable. He was enjoying his winter vacation before taking office. From that minor incident, I knew this guy is not the type that would put the city first. It has become quite apparent that he is self-serving and autocratic.

Oh yes! Remember the embarrassing skytrain incident with Robertson even before the election? He tried to deflect his fare evasion by staging some complaint against the transit system. Attempting to divert the fact that he was evading his fare by pointing another issue about the ‘unfairness’ of the system. Robertson basically got elected because it was a two horse race between him and Ladner.

Robertson inherited the Olympic games and a well-run city from an outgoing paraplegic mayor, Sam Sullivan, who showed way more heart and sensible service to the city.

Enough about Robertson. The Chief VPD, Jim Chu, also has some explaining to do. Poor and incompetent Police Intelligence to blame? I’m not only referring to their failure to control the crowd, but their inability to predict the expected and speculate the magnitude of a post-game riot–win or lose. This cat was too frail to do anything to contain the mice problem. All they could do is just let the mice run amok until they all slowly retreated back into the holes they came from.

Last night’s gathering was a perfect opportunity for anarchists and thieves to plan and execute their heist. And most of the idiots who got caught up and on cameras were stupid teenage kids taking souvenirs just for the fun of it.

And don’t expect too much after the fact. All this talk of “We’re going to identify all these perpetrators and charge them to the fullest extent of the law.” Yeah, okay. Sounds like an uphill battle. Actually, it is an uphill battle. Getting the courts in this province to impose the law is as tough as the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup.

So, will heads roll? I doubt it. Robertson won’t resign. He will have to be voted out in the next one (if he’s running again.) And for Chief Chu, I don’t think there’s anyone else that could step up and fill his role. That’s it, folks. And there you have it, Vancouver’s ‘finest’.

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