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Pink on the Up and Up?

And the next best performance at the 2010 Grammy Award goes to Pink for her…

February 2, 2010

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A New Level of Respect for Lady GaGa

Okay, I must admit, I know very little about and have no business to blog…

February 2, 2010

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Happy Data Privacy Day!

National Data Privacy Day is January 28, 2010! I know, another international day of some…

January 28, 2010

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Go PSP Go!

I received a Pearl White PSP go as an early Christmas gift. This hand-held game…

November 24, 2009

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Oops! I Did It Again

*Sigh* I reactivated that captcha app again and it prevented the comment form again. So,…

September 30, 2009

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Google Finds Another Revenue Source

Google could make good with publishers with its plan for an e-commerce system to charge…

September 14, 2009

From GeekCulture.com

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How Geeks Meditate

Found this cartoon about geek meditation while browsing for ideas for a new client. Related…

September 11, 2009

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The New Landscape of Social Networking on the Job

Years ago, being on MSN or any instant messaging service at work could cost you…

August 11, 2009



I just realised that I activated a captcha app that wasn’t working with a particular…

August 4, 2009

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The End of Barwatch or Just the End of Barwatch as We Know it?

It’s official! BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, David Loukidelis, has ruled against Vancouver’s Barwatch Program…

July 22, 2009